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The first Lubavitch/Chabad Rebbe, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, author of the Tanya and Code of Jewish Law, once remarked that a Jew must "live with the times." His son explained the meaning: A Jew must live with the Torah portion of the week - i.e., he must assimilate the lessons of the weekly Torah portion
Full Forgiveness
When the Jews spoke out against G-d and Moses, G-d sent serpents to attack them. The people came to Moses to ask him to intercede with G-d on their behalf, and Moses agreed. Rashi comments, “From here we learn that if asked for forgiveness, one should not be cruel and refuse.”
This is not the first time in the Torah that demonstrates the readiness to forgive. In the parsha of Vayera we read the story of Avimelech, who kidnapped Sarah and was punished. He asked Abraham forgiveness and Abraham agreed and prayed for him. However, Rashi does not derive the lesson on the importance of forgiveness from Abraham but from Moses.
We must conclude that there is a difference between the two scenarios. Abraham forgave Avimelech to prevent further punishment, but not beyond that. After Abraham prayed for Avimelech they did not become close. Moses, on the other hand, prayed for his people out of his deep, abiding love. Even when they rebelled against him he not only forgave them but wiped out any memory of their misdeed. That’s why we learn from 
Moses how to forgive. We must remove any trace of the hurt from our hearts.
Our sages say that any mitzvah that we are obligated in, G-d fulfills as well. G-d forgives us for our sins just as Moses did—but His forgiveness is far deeper and infinite, wiping out even the faintest stain of sin. G-d arouses in us the deepest feelings of repentance, which in turn leads directly to Redemption.
(The Rebbe, Likutei Sichos vol. 28)
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